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The three distinct aspects of the near four decades of criminality against me are summarized in this post here. However, since exposing some of the ‘actor based reality’ secrets of ‘the family’ last October (2022) – purely because it was necessary to show how the crime against me was an extension of the existing multigenerational family business – it would appear ‘the family’ is hell-bent on my swift demise. To be candid, I’m not sure I will survive the plots being hatched behind the stone-cold wall of unified silence which I’ve been met with (from every person on all sides of the extended family).

However, not a single claim/allegation and/or piece of evidence presented on this site has been rebutted or refuted by any member of the family and no demand has been received (legal or otherwise) to remove any images or content — either from immediate family (whose actor based reality characters feature prominently on site – click here to see all family ABR related posts) or from Dominic Lewinsohn (aka my ‘dead brother’) whose collusion and participation in the criminality is likewise exposed herein. They dare not break cover.

Albeit it a crime of evil genius, on one level my story is just a personal ‘cross to bear’ and deal with – however on a deeper level, it also provides insight into the astonishing psychopathic murderous/genocidal and insane intent of the relatively few elite families involved at the top level, in the controlled demolition of western societies/civilization.

The most despicable aspect of the scumbaggery being directed at me by ‘the family’ is against my status as a trans female/transsexual female. If any single event upset near four decades of their getting away with such criminality – it was my (under the radar) transition in 2015 – after which I obtained a GRC, which then meant my birth certificate was reissued (stating I was legally a female at birth).

Due to twenty years of autoimmune illness I’m very delicate physically and have all manner of issues to deal with on an hourly basis (near 24/7). Plus as above, I feel profoundly under attack as a transsexual female and that ‘the family’ is doing whatever they can to undermine and injure my being a female and my femininity. Even though as evidenced on this site, I’m the victim of massive criminality, ‘the family’ is continuing to act in a most wicked and malicious/malevolent manner – knowing I’m only able to take ‘so much’ physically.

As written on this page: “even ‘the stupid’ know that when found-out (and exposed) – the best strategy by far is to find courage and fortitude – come clean – and make-up for wrongs done. Decency and redeeming of oneself isn’t rocket science”.

My considered hypothesis is the (biblical/legal) rationalization/support ‘the family’ has employed to justify the criminality against me (given at least on my father’s side, the family is Jewish), is that they’re reenacting the Genesis story of brothers Jacob and Esau – between my brother and I. However, such rationalization was based on me supposedly being a first born son/male – and not, as the case legally now (and retrospectively), a female at birth. Thus even though it was unbeknown to me in 2015, my transition and the subsequent reissuance of my birth certificate (as female born) completely removed the ‘religious’ support (however twisted) the family was drawing upon as justification for their criminality. My transition was thus a huge shock to the family – and a happening they’ve therefore sought to keep completely under wraps (even recently attempting to use legal contract to help ensure). Nevertheless, after near four decades of criminality perpetuated upon me, ‘the family’ has their foot firmly on my neck in a way which is making it very difficult for me to breathe.

As regards the story of Jacob and Esau – by trickery and deception, Esau (i.e. the first born son supposedly represented by me) is made a sacrificial scapegoat for the sins of Jacob (i.e. all the sins of the family and my brother were placed upon me after which I was sacrificially offered to Satan). As far as family beliefs go (and in line with the Yom Kippur ritual), sacrificing me to Satan then enabled Jacob (i.e. my ‘dead brother’ aka Dominic Lewinsohn) along with other members of the family (and its wealth/power) to survive and prosper at Esau’s/my expense. Thus my concern about surviving the crime, all the more so now it has been exposed and evidenced. Bear in mind that those in the family, who conceived and implemented (and are still implementing) such a wicked crime against me, are insane crypto fanatics (and there’s more than a few of them in the extended family). As an aside, note that my father and brother are circumcised whereas I wasn’t. [For more about the meaning of the (fictional plagiarized) Jacob and Esau myth, please listen to the (authoritatively referenced) short discussion from 43:32-47:17 mins here (video will load at the correct start time). It’s noteworthy how it’s mentioned that the Yom Kippur ritual temple goat sacrifice to Satan (the most important day in the calendar for the religion), has to now be carried out via sacrificing Esau to Satan, rather than a goat (given their ‘temple’ was destroyed).

The esoteric meaning of the ritual is that primordial chaos and darkness (i.e. qualities of the firstborn son) has to be ‘murdered’ and offered as a sacrifice to Satan, so that light and order (i.e. supposed qualities of the second born son) can inherit the blessings and birthright of the firstborn, and thus triumph over primordial chaos. Maybe unexpectedly, being firstborn and thus preexisting means primordial chaos is considered superior to the second born and the supposed light and order they (reputedly) embody. In short, ‘order out of chaos’ – Ordo Ab Chao, as per the infamous Latin slogan. ‘Order out of chaos’ might sound a reasonable perspective/strategy, but in the context of the Yom Kippur ritual above (and the Jacob and Esau myth) it refers to the desired/planned process of exterminating every last ‘gentile’ so as to thieve everything which is good and beautiful from them. Please listen here for details about this (based on referenced and authoritative sources). The presentation will begin at the relevant point and the section is approx 5 minutes long.

As how being cast as Esau applies to me: (1) As far as the family’s beliefs go, in line with the Yom Kippur ritual, it means the family is able to assign all their sins to me, thus freeing themselves from the consequences of their wrong and evil doing after the next step, (2) By offering me as a sacrifice to Satan, point one above is achieved, i.e. in effect Satan is bought off by me being gifted/sacrificed to him, so that he’s now willing to hold me responsible for the sins of the others (transferred to me in step one), and (3) My birthright and blessings (and ‘superiority’) to do with being the first born are stolen from me and passed to my brother (aka Dominic Lewinsohn). Of course such beliefs are quite insane, anti-reason and fantastical. However, as can be clearly seen in the criminality perpetuated against me (and which mirrors the dynamic of the three-step Yom Kippur ritual), such beliefs provide those who adhere to them with a type of ‘psychopathic free pass’, wherein they feel no guilt, shame, remorse at carrying out such criminality for their own gain and/or a need to put such wrongs right. In short, evil and wickedness against innocents becomes justified as part of thieving everything valuable from them. It’s almost a form of pathological jealousy.

WEBSITE PURPOSES: (1) To document and ‘out’ an astonishing actor based reality (ABR) crime which I’ve been subject to for 39+ years (since 1983). To quickly get up to speed with the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the crime, please start with the ‘Key Points’ page linked in the menu, (it’s the most complete page and includes a summary of the main supporting evidence). (2) To proves the reality of ABR via showing 100% with biometrics that three major figures are played via the same actor (Maxwell Kelly). The pages related to this are listed on the front page of the site and/or on the 100% proof pages here and here. For completeness, some other ABR matches of well known public figures are also posted on the site. (3) That the crime against me referenced in point one above, was merely an ‘extension’ of the already existing multi-generational family actor based reality business.

Jasmine Christina

My name is Jasmine Christina and as above, I’m a trans female/transsexual female (details here). To reiterate (as is so significant), my birth certificate states I was a female at birth. The use of actor based reality (ABR) by a small number of elite families is one of the core mechanisms of individual and societal manipulation being utilized across the earth today for malevolent and nefarious purposes. Understanding about actor based reality is growing at a pace among everyday folk – at least in those whose minds can handle the shock and mind-bending experience which accompanies first realizations. Gaining insight into actor based reality is crucial because of how malicious and manipulative it is (even ‘mass trance’ inducing) – and because it’s being used to push humanity ever closer to the brink and point of no return.

Chain of evidence starting with Jan Weston (who plays Anne Greenberg), showing actor Maxwell Kelly plays three ABR characters, (1) Mykola Azarov (2) Donald Berwick (3) former MP Malcolm Rifkind

As explained elsewhere on the site, at least for those who aren’t able to ‘see’ the facial match between an ABR character and the underlying actor who plays them, oftentimes the best (legally valid) evidence documenting that a certain actor plays an actor based reality (ABR) character is when a visual match can be made with the actor’s real life spouse (i.e. when it can be shown that the ABR character has the same wife as the underlying actor has in real life).

Trotskyist communist Donald Berwick (played by Max Kelly) & wife (played by Jan Weston)

ABR character Donald Berwick (played by Max Kelly) is listed as married to ABR character Ann Greenberg played by Jan Weston. Donald Berwick is a (lifetime) ABR character (i.e. a fictional character played by the same actor for several decades). Berwick is a Trotskyist communist who promotes permanent revolution under various guises (such as continuous heath care improvement). Though this might sound lofty, the real aim of such policy is to destabilize healthcare institutions such as the British NHS – so that they implode in the near future.

Ukraine PM Mykola Azarov played by actor Max Kelly (full name, Maxwell Brian Redmond Kelly)

As January 2015, ABR character Mykola Azarov has been the subject of an Interpol Red Notice related to ‘Misappropriation, embezzlement or conversion of property by malversation, if committed in respect of an especially gross amount, or by an organized group.’ Further, since July 2014 Mykola Azarov has been on the international Criminal Identification System (CIS) wanted list for abuse of power.

Malcolm Rifkind played by actor Max Kelly

Former British MP, Malcolm Rifkind is considered by many to be an meanspirited, unattractive and uncouth person. The inclusion of ‘kind’ in Rifkind’s surname is obviously irony. The image immediately to the right is ‘angel sent’ in that the underlying lifetime ABR actor playing Rifkind is so clearly ‘demasked’ and visible – even to the untrained ABR eye! It’s as if for a moment, the actor playing Rifkind has completely forgotten who he’s meant to be!

The Astonishing Crime against Jasmine Christina

To quickly get up to speed with the why and how of the crime, please see this summary page of Key Points.

The main pages detailing various evidence about the crime can be found on the main menu (top right of website). Relevant evidence is sprinkled across all of them.

A final statement (by Simona-Jasmine) about the crime can be found here.

The main ID image, identifying the ABR character being played by my (dead) brother can be found below. Again discussions about this can be found across the pages linked in the main menu. The images below can be enlarged by clicking on them. The second image below is a simulated hairline adjusted image (given the original pre-hoax-death images of Russell Kelly are approx 39 years old).

Why is actor based reality utilized?

Actor based reality (ABR) is a term coined by dallasgoldbug (website wellaware1.com). In short it refers to how many leading celebrities, politicians and royalty figures are played by (scripted) actors – and thus are not ‘natural persons’ in themselves. Maybe surprisingly, for a few historical reasons, ABR doesn’t appear to be a practice which is […]

Altering nose & ears, clear skin & 2D makeup illusions

Before examining physical methods of altering facial ‘look’, we should acknowledge that skilled actors are able to affect a change to the ‘look’ of their being via psychological/spiritual/emotional means. A skilled actor is able to ’empty’ themselves of their everyday being – and replace it with a sense of actually being the character they’re playing. […]

A truly amazing ABR image!

Image credit: This image was first put together and published by Ed Chiarini (aka dallasgoldbug). Please take a few moments to look and study the image and take it in. Maybe identify Steve Jobs – and then John Lennon, surely two faces you know well. And then look at and examine the female in both […]

Nash played Stephen Hawkins & now plays Anthony Fauci of the NIH

See the below image for 100% proof, as Steven Hawkin’s wife is clearly the same girl who’s Nash’s reallife wife. She has the same ‘eye gaze’ too! Nash also plays c19 clotshot mega-criminal and scumbag Anthony Fauci Nash versus Fauci: Some pointers for you as you look through the gallery below: Looking at the gallery […]

Justin Trudeau & Owen Wilson played by same actor

Can you see it? Distinctively small mouth on quite long diamond shaped face. Owen Wilson’s nose always raised suspicions! Trudeau obviously wears a nose prosthesis too. Compare compact/minimal nasolabial lines as well as eye shape/position (inc. downward pull at outside edges of eyes). Just as with Anthony Fauci and John Forbes Nash – I believe […]

David Icke & Richard Branson same actor. See for yourself

Dallasgoldbug originally ID’d David Icke and Richard Branson way back when – in part by showing they ‘shared’ the same son. However, I believe the artwork sim below is the best yet in terms of visually facilitating the ABR insight. It was the first image of Branson in which I could clearly also see the […]

Hendrix is Freeman

CHECK THE GIRLS! Ed’s shows one of the most important proofs of an actor based reality character with two of these three images – namely that the two characters of Jimi Hendrix & Morgan Freeman share the same identical girlfriends (on two separate occasions). Especially in times gone by, because an ABR characters spouse or […]

Yes, popes as well!

Remember this actor from James Bond (trailer below). He played Elliot Carver, the melomaniac media baron bent on world takeover and domination.